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in Bangladesh with a continual focus on consumer centricity & innovation and thus effectively participate in propelling the music industry of country.


  • To bring “joy of music” to the people of all ages in both local and global markets through the production and promotion of high quality consumer driven music contents.
  • To establish FAIR Royalty distribution structure for the artists (singers,lyricists, composers) and other stakeholders related to music industry through affiliations with global Performance Rights Organizations (PROs).
  • To own, control and manage the asset based Genre in local music for creating immediate revenue streams while growing its music catalog into a multi-million dollar asset.
  • To strive for continuous development of the people working at Gaanchill.
  • To ensure continuous improvement of the quality of Gaanchill’s services and human relations.


…A Journey of Innovation…A Commitment to the Music Community and Society…

Gaanchill Music has been entertaining music lovers for more than 10 years and strives to be are sponsible and active corporate citizen. Irrespective of the size of the company, we recognize that our company is a conscious member of the gre atersociety, and we seek to have a positive impact on our employees, audiences and communities locally as well as globally.

Gaanchill Music’ scorporate responsibility encompasses four key pillars:

Consumer Centric Innovation: Driving the creation of and access to consumer centric music contents promoting local art and culture.

Community: Partnering with local influential companies to promote active citizenship and build strong economies by empowering young talents.

Sustainability: Promoting environmental friendly culture through programs and company-wide participation.

Workplace: Fostering an inclusive and engaged workforce promoting diversity, ideas, and smart work.