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Gaanchill Music

…where music knows no bounds…

Gaanchiil Music is a fully integrated music entertainment company in the creation, production, distribution,licensing and marketing of all forms of music entertainment and their related businesses. It is the only Integrated Music Communication Platform in the country that aims to work closely with both music legends as well as young talents for local and global music consumption. Gaanchill Music stands at the forefront of every aspect of the music entertainment industry starting from physical CD to Digital distribution of music contents with a strong focus on the evolving Technology platforms.

The company’s vast library, one of the most prestigious and valuable in the country, consists of more than 100 hours of Television reality show along with nearly 1000 albums in different genre. Gaanchill believes its success depends on the end users’ satisfaction through the innovation of consumer driven music which is clearly reflected through its diversified music collection across all asset based genre.

Gaanchill’s digital distribution channels include mobile operators, aggregates and other technology partners worldwide. With the help of its consumer centric music library, Gaanchill has been able to create its position as a strong player in the local music industry having an established connectivity with all the operators (such as Grameenphone, Robi Axiata, Banglalink, Airtel and Teletalk) in the country.

Gaanchill is a small company as far as number of employees are concerned. But it’s constantly thriving through the power of knowledge it possesses due to the diversification of its human resource. The company is led by 11 dynamic individuals who have come from different industries and strives to maintain a friendly, fair and creative service environment for promoting diversity, ideas and smart work.


Company History

Gaanchill was founded by the three most prominent innovation leaders in the industry – Mr. Naquib Khan (the popular Music Director), Mr. Kumar Bishwajit (the famous singer) and Mr. Asif Iqbal (one of the most resourceful and innovative Lyricists promoting local music).The company started its journey in 2005 aiming to inspire new music talents through the country’s 1st music talent hunt program “Close-up 1- Tomakey Khujchey Bangladesh” in association with nTV (one of the leading TV channels of Bangladesh). It continued its innovation to promote music by creating the 1st ever musical talent hunt programs with children (under 18) named “Khude Gaan Raaj”in association with Channel I (country’s 1st Private Satellite Channel). It did not stop there! The company produced the country’s 1st ever reality show for the underprivileged people, primarily the Garments workers;the show named “Premier Bank Gorbo” became one of the highest TRP shows among all the programs across all Television channels soon after its 1st episode.

The company came across a structural change during the year 2011 to 2014 and re-launched itself as “Gaanchill Music” with the leadership of Mr. Asif Iqbal in 17th June 2015. In addition to its long-standing position as the industry’s preeminent creator and distributor of television programs, the company has now become one of the foremost authorities on utilizing licensing and merchandising to grow and reinforce its brands, on pioneering new forms of distribution, and on marshaling its vast creative and business resources to produce consumer driven music contents that become appreciating assets in its unrivaled library.

Since those early days, Gaanchill Music has amassed an impressive legacy based on world-class quality music entertainment and technological foresight and created a diversified company with an unparalleled depth and breadth. Its unmatched consistency and success is built on a foundation of long-term creative relationships with many of the country’s leading talent, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.